About Us

Service is our passion. We dedicate ourselves to our clients’ goals through our customized solutions and well-managed, accurate processing of vital information.

MSAI provides services that are applicable to a vast spectrum of industries -- Healthcare, Legal and Commercial. We have products that address start-up company concerns, as well as the streamlined process of more established corporations. MSAI’s smart business solutions give any industry concern, large or small, that much-needed business edge.

Through MSAI, industry leaders can maximize the true promise of their business. MSAI’s data conversion services, for example, puts your data at your fingertips. As MSAI clients, data may be retrieved anytime of the day or night. From anywhere in the world. Solutions such as these encourage a more productive workforce and a secure exchange of information, making MSAI is a true partner to any company’s search for optimal growth and stability.


MSAI or MedScribe Asia, Inc. is California-based and we know how to keep your businesses happy. Our comprehensive support solutions cater to the demands of a wide range of industries, offering critical solutions that allow companies to focus on what they do best – taking care of their core business.

We at MSAI provide broad solutions package to a wide range of back office needs. Even better, we have cultivated a high level of expertise in servicing the various components of the healthcare industry – the practicing GP, the small town clinic, the urban medical center, insurance companies, and legal experts, among others. Our key services have all been tuned to address specific healthcare-industry-based needs. We provide top quality work and products, with fast turnaround time. Our highly trained personnel using sophisticated proprietary software provide, among others, accurate and convenient Medical Transcription, Medical Coding & Billing, and Document Processing and Management services.

We at MSAI continuously endeavor to ensure and maintain the highest quality of work. Our valued human resources continue to undergo extensive training in existing processes and are introduced to the newest technological tools. We develop our own Medical Transcription software. Assuring clients of the most up-to-date applications that are tailored to each company’s needs. For our Medical Billing package, we subscribe and partner with one of the most advanced web-based medical billing software in the country. These constant investments in new software prepare the MSAI team for all its future projects, guaranteeing our clients that they will always get the best, the most appropriate, and the most trouble free service.


With MSAI, our mission is to make your BUSINESS new and improved BUSINESS.2. We will provide the finest health care documentation services available, without the premium prices. With a rationalized approach to medical transcription, medical coding and billing, and Document Processing and Management, we want businesses to see us not as a burden to the bottom line but as an option for realizing growth. We will be a complete one-stop-shop for all health care documentation processes, allowing our clients to focus on growing their business. Our client’s growth is valuable to us, because when they grow, we grow with them.

Learn how the MSAI services could promote a more productive use of your resources, resulting in higher profits. Contact MSAI today to receive a Free Trial.