Medical Transcription Training

When it comes to the business of Medical Transcription, we are good at what we do. Since we are, we teach! 

Patterned after successful and tested processes actually used in MSAI’s transcription service, MSAI’s Medical Transcription Training Program (MTTP) was designed to accommodate the various skill levels of students who enter the industry -- from foreign medical practitioners and allied medical professionals familiar with medical jargon to those with skill sets unfamiliar with the medical processes.  Whatever the circumstance, MSAI’s MTTP prepares students to integrate into any Medical Transcription projects as soon as the courses are completed. 

A key value-added to MSAI’s MTTP is its Practicum Program. Student of the program are granted the opportunity to further hone their skills in an actual MSAI Medical Transcription environment, adapted from the pioneering methods that developed Medical Transcription into a highly efficient work-process here and abroad. This involvement in the actual work process prepares the students for the discipline and demanding work required of medical transcriptionist. Clearly, with MSAI MTTP, students will have a distinct competitive advantage.  

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