MSAI strives to meet our client needs. This includes a creative and flexible pricing mechanism that adjusts to the specific needs of our clients. We provide a variety of flexible pricing options based on nature of the business solutions needed and the quality of the client’s materials with which we are required to work.

MSAI’s rates are calculated by analyzing the complexity of the work and the time it takes to complete it. Such variables as Audio quality, number of dictators and turn-around-time, among others, will all be considered to give clients the best pricing available. In order for MSAI to accurately quote a price, new clients are asked to provide samples of the source information and a sample or description of the final output desired. We highly recommend that new clients take advantage of our Free Trial program. During the free trial, MSAI is better able to assess all relevant variables in order to provide you the most accurate and reasonable price quotes. MSAI will always endeavor to help our clients better understand their needs and how we at MSAI can better help.

Learn how the MSAI services could promote a more productive use of your resources, resulting in higher profits. Contact MSAI today to receive a Free Trial or to receive a custom quote based on your specific job requirements