To ensure the security and confidentiality of your data, MSAI uses state of the art off-site server technology. Our systems provide you the best protection against outages and a flexible bandwith control that adjusts to your demands. While your data is secure within the servers, the servers themselves are physically secured through a best-in-class controlled facility with 24-hour onsite technical support.

Among the features we offer:

   • Multi-homed Gigabit Backbone
   • Cisco Firewalls
   • Redundant Cisco GSR & Juniper Routers
   • Cross Connects to Most Providers• 100% Network Uptime
   • Burstable Connections
   • Redundant Cisco GSR & Juniper Routers
   • BGP-4 • QOS (Quality of Service)
   • Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Switched Ports
   • Free UPS and Diesel Generator Power Back-up
   • Real Time Traffic Monitoring • 24/7/365 Emergency Access
   • Free 24 hour reboots
   • Free network monitoring and automated pager, cell phone, or email notification
   • Free Primary and Secondary DNS
   • Free Mail Servers
   • Redundant, 24-hour Air Conditioning
   • Free crossovers
   • Fiber Access